Climate Change & Water Management

    Respecting Nature

    We fully embrace a holistic environmental sustainability strategy involving mitigation of climate change related risks, management of scarce resources responsibly through reduction recycling/reuse programs, and engagement of our supply chain in green initiatives. We are fully aware that as part of global family, climate changes and natural resources impact everyone.

    MPI is committed to address the climate change impact, by identifying initiatives that aim to reduce our emissions and energy consumption.


    Our approach towards management of climate change risk is driven by a clear governance structure. Each of our facilities have a Safety, Health and Environmental Committee led by Factory General Manager. The committee meets regularly to review wide range of topics relating to safety, environmental indices, and audits. The committee also endorses energy conservation plans, and monitors execution and implementation indices. The plans and indices are then reviewed in Senior Leadership Team Meetings chaired by the Group Managing Director.

    Our environmental management systems are aligned with ISO14001 and the RBA Code of Conduct. All our operating sites are fully certified with ISO 14001:2015 and are regularly assessed by independently appointed audit bodies. We review this Environmental Management System (EMS) with the Senior Leadership Team on an annual basis.

    We constantly engage with our key stakeholders (such as customers, employees, suppliers, government authorities, etc.) to manage our environmental sustainability journey. We ensure that all communications and commitments are actively channelled across all relevant stakeholders to develop strategies and manage implementation with the purpose of mitigating and reducing risks to the environment, and to use natural resources responsibly. All stakeholders (including, and not limited to employees, customers, contractors/ suppliers) are to comply with the Group Code of Conduct and Ethics that emphasises on compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Any violations or breaches to the Group’s environmental standards can be reported via the Whistle-blowing Hotline or email to [email protected].

    Highly engaged in minimizing our environmental footprint

    To address & adapt to climate change, we continue to undertake initiatives focusing on process improvements in key impact areas.

    Energy Management, and GHG Emissions Reduction

    We are pursuing specific programs to achieve energy efficiency in equipment selection, and embark on IT driven smart analytics for more efficient electricity usage. These programs focus on energy efficient equipment usage and long-term plan for usage of renewable energy. To minimize the overall emissions from our operations and move towards zero emissions, we will continue to plan programs to manage the impact from emissions.

    Supply Chain Environmental Sustainability

    We continue to work with our suppliers, and encourage & emphasize to them to adopt green practices in their operations, so as to improve & manage the climate change impact across the supply chain.

    Water Management

    The main source of water used in our industrial facilities for sawing & plating processes is the piped water supply from local authorities. We have defined specific programs to drive efficient use of water resources through recycling and reuse.

    Waste Management

    Our priority is to recycle and reuse in order to reduce the need for treatment or disposal of wastes. All waste is disposed responsibly in compliance with the relevant laws & regulations at our operating sites.