Local Community

    Empowering communities through action

    We engage with and support the communities so that local people can benefit from social and economic development.

    We review our community & social contribution initiatives on an annual basis to ensure proper alignment between the evolving requirements of the community & our supporting contributions. The intent of our social initiatives is to benefit society and the environment where we operate, and also to create a more positive local business environment for MPI. This entails identification of key community investment areas that we can influence effectively, and are in line with our strategic priorities such as talent identification & development, education, local employment creation, supporting the underprivileged, and programs that promote health, safety, security, civic activities, and sports & recreation.

    In FY22, no corporate or group donations/community investments were made to registered not-for-profit organisations.

    Empowering the underprivileged

    We understand that empowering & supporting the underprivileged or less privileged members of our community is in the interests of our business. With this mindset, we encourage recruitment of people from various backgrounds such as single mothers, school dropouts, or from rural areas. We offer specific certificate programs to school dropouts, that allow selected individuals to work & study short courses.

    Children’s education

    The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child affirms that every child has a right to education. MPI and the wider Hong Leong Group are in total alignment with the children’s right to quality education. MPI has played an active part in the Hong Leong Group’s initiatives such as Group Scholarship Award, Academic Excellence Awards, etc., that are aimed to supporting children’s education.

    Under Group Scholarship Award, children of our employees who have shown remarkable achievements in their public examinations & higher studies are offered scholarships for pursuing further studies. Similarly, the Academic Excellence Award is directed towards our employees’ children who have performed well in their UPSR/ PT3/ SPM and STPM public examinations. They’re rewarded monetarily as well as with a certificate of excellence. Our intention is to provide motivation to deserving children and ease the financial burden of their parents to some extent.