Training & Development

    Our secret ingredient for success is our people. We know that by investing in their development, we contribute not only to their personal growth but also to the growth of our business.

    MPI offers continuous support and training to grow & develop our employees, because we value the crucial contributions every employee makes in our success.

    We adopt a 70-20-10 approach, where employees learn 70% of their knowledge from on-the-job training & assignments, 20% from coaching & mentoring, and the remaining 10% from classroom training. Most of the training time uses practical & hands-on methods to equip our employees with adequate job knowledge and improve their competency. Our motto for training and development is “To Develop, Build and Nurture”.

    We offer valuable educational & developmental programs and resources. We place significant emphasis on personal development, enabling our employees to craft their career paths based on merit & potential. We have an annual performance appraisal cycle and a personal development assessment of employees with their mentors on a quarterly basis.

    We have designated training rooms to cater for both internal and external training programs in the plant. Our technical training programs are complemented by our focused leadership programs.

    We’re committed to providing the support that our employees need, to enable them to reach their personal and professional goals.

    GDP Ipoh 2020

    Graduate Development Program (GDP) is an 18-months program, which allows fresh graduates to explore the working environment by experiencing both theory as well as practical or on-the-job learning. Throughout the 18-months, graduates are directly mentored by the subject matter experts, engineers, and managers. Every 6-9 months’ duration, they’re rotated across functions to ensure that they’ve sufficient time for on-the-job learning and deep understanding of the subject.

    As MPI is under the umbrella of Hong Leong Group of companies, graduates are introduced to the values and culture of both MPI and Hong Leong Group, during induction.

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    Learning is a lifelong process. ETP is a structured development program for experienced technical engineers. We ensure that our engineers are equipped with the latest knowledge and skills by enrolling them for relevant training. The trainings are made available annually for engineers to serve as a refresher, and are designed to sharpen their skills, to be compatible and competent. Due to the difficulty in access to highly experienced technical talents in semiconductor industry, there is a strong need for education, retention and development of this technical talent pool. These trainings include:

    Machine Operation
    Machine Technical
    Engineering Tools
    Company System
    Quality Management

    Academia Collaboration

    Carsem has been working with Polytechnic Ungku Omar (PUO) for a few years. Over time, we’ve enhanced our collaboration from an internship placement provider to International Skill Partnership Program (ISP). We partnered with the British Council to enhance the current curriculum to close the gap vis-a-vis the industry needs. We further expanded our network to work with Polytechnic headquarter. It has strengthened the coordination with nationwide Polytechnic and College Community institutions to facilitate access to higher number of talents in the semiconductor industry.

    We established 4 modules for Diploma students of engineering faculty that will be integrated into their internship syllabus. It helps students to shorten their learning curve during internship, as it usually takes them about 1.5 months to familiarize with the process/ industry.

    Hear from our students on their experience of this journey.

    With ADTEC, we partnered to develop curriculum modules that were tailor-made for industry needs. These are leveraged by Academia to train students before they join internships at Carsem. With the additional knowledge from these modules, our mentors are able to train them in handling machines in a shorter timeframe. Carsem donated 2 tester and handler machines to ADTEC to support this educational endeavor. It’s part of our academia collaboration to ensure that the students are exposed to machine handling as per actual industry standards, thereby, shortening their learning curve. We organized 2 full days of knowledge transfer sessions in machine handling, managed by our maintenance engineer and ADTEC’s lecturers. We provided further strong support by sharing vendor contacts, and absorbing full custom tax and boxing expenses for transportation.

    With MARA Japanese Industrial Institute (MJII) & Malaysia Automotive, Robotics and IoT Institute (MARii), we discussed the potential approach for fruitful collaborations. These included review of the syllabus to bridge the gaps between academia and industry, apprenticeships, and other areas to build scope of possibilities. This initiative enhanced the development in Technical & Vocational Education and Training (TVET), bringing industry and academia closer. We are enrolling 60 students from MARii.

    The final outcome of the effort is to potentially retain well-trained interns, and offer them permanent employment opportunities. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved!

    Collaboration with MARii
    Collaboration with MJII

    To support the government initiatives on Technical & Vocational Education and Training (TVET), Carsem Malaysia has collaborated with Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA) and Advanced Technology Training Center (ADTEC) Taiping to train upto 20 apprentices by year 2025.

    The apprentices will undergo 4 months’ theory training at ADTEC, and 8 months practical training at Carsem. Apprentices who successfully complete the SLDN program will be awarded with Malaysia Skills Certificate Level 3 (SKM 3) by Malaysia Department of Skills Development.

    The program is planned to start in Sep 2021, and we have registered 15 employees to join the program for the coming batch.

    Recognition of Prior Experiential Learning (RPEL) Program enables workers to get recognition on their skills, knowledge and experience gained by working and learning according to the level determined by the Department of Skills Development (DSD).

    A total of 76 pax are targeted for participation in RPEL program by year 2021. Carsem has successfully registered first batch of 18 pax for Microelectronics under RPEL program, and they have completed and passed their final assessment in April 2021. Currently, we are in the midst of having the 2nd batch of 26 pax complete the program. With excellent response to this program, another batch of 33 pax is already in queue. We are committed to continue to expand this vital re-skilling and up-skilling program for our employees.