MPI Female employees – equality

Over past few weeks, I’ve been receiving a lot of great feedback via emails/messages, expressing intrigue over the high % of female workforce at our company. In fact, at #Carsem, females account for 54% of total #workforce & 42% of managerial positions. Our team comprises of several women in senior #leadership positions. This is unlike the typical #semiconductor industry trend where female workforce is in low proportion.

As such I’ve never paid attention to factors as gender, race, color, ethnicity, etc. when evaluating anyone’s candidature. I’ve been a firm believer in meritocracy and have always promoted & endorsed candidates based on their fitness for a role. In my experience, diverse & gender-equal companies & teams perform better & are favorably placed to realize their full potential.

As a father of 2 girls, I wish that they get the same opportunities as everyone else without facing any bias. The way forward is to do the same for others as we expect.

To all people in #recruiting & leadership positions – spend time identifying good people. Remove biases. Give consistent positive endorsement & do everything in your power to make them disproportionately successful. If you think they’re capable, more often than not, these will be the best decisions you’ll make.