Silicon Carbide (SiC)

Soon, one will be able to fast charge a car in the time it takes to buy a soda at the charging station. #SiC is the enabling #technology!

Wafer materials evolution – Si (1st gen) > GaAs (2nd gen) > GAN (3rd gen) > SiC (4th gen now) – has been driven by the need for handling higher frequency, voltage & heat. SiC trumps previous gen materials with wider bandgap, improved energy conversion efficiency & power density, higher thermal conductivity (3-4X Si/GaAs/GAN), and higher switching frequencies, all with reduced system size. This unlocks SiC viability for use in #Power (EVs, solar, wind, industrial & servers), and #RF (4G/5G telecom, advanced radar) devices.

No stopping #innovation at device level though! #Carsem innovates to harness SiC’s full potential

  1. New high thermal conductivity materials (pressure & pressure-less Ag sintered paste, Cu nano paste) – via a dedicated materials development team
  2. Custom #packaging #design – using thermal & stress simulation
  3. New #manufacturing solutions to produce parts with best #thermal dissipation – #vacuum #reflow

With high power, #CUSTOMIZATION will be key. At Carsem, we deliver solutions to empower our customers in this quest by leveraging our experience in running RF & high power devices using SiC (& #GAN).