Talent shortage

The booming demand in the #semiconductor industry is opening up multiple battlefronts for companies in the entire #supplychain. Governments & companies are allocating great money towards new #capacity building – for instance, see recently announced moves by #TSMC, #Intel, #Samsung. This is applicable to other businesses too as #OSATs, who are looking to ride this wave of unprecedented growth in semiconductor industry.

Though, access to #technical #talent to run the show will be a big challenge. #Intel alone has announced that they expect to create thousands of new jobs with their expansion plan. It is critical to understand that semiconductor operations bear huge reliance on technical talent, which can’t simply be brought on as temps when demand jumps. Companies must solve this problem to ensure that the ‘economics makes sense’ over the long term.

The battle for industry talent among the semiconductor companies is real & global. Developing & nurturing next generation of talent will take time & investment. Companies that prioritise this as a key #strategic #pillar are likely to establish & maintain their #technological #leadership. Winning this battle will go a long way in winning the big competitive war!

Good read: https://pulsenews.co.kr/view.php?sc=30800021&year=2021&no=244771